NAPC 7 Men’s Style Final Recap

In the Final Round for Men’s Style 5 athletes have 3 attempts to score as many points as possible on their most creative and powerful Big Trick.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First up is Joshua Malone from Temecula, California throws a nameless double twist spin thing before cranking out a cork pre to pop double full in two attempts on the low wall.

Josh finished the Big Trick round with a score of 8.29 for his final attempt.

Up next is Tyler Puterbaugh from Portland, Oregon stomping out a very technical wall backflip to a tight precision straight into another backflip on his very first attempt.

Tyler finished the Big Trick round with a score of 8.55 for his 1st attempt.

Coming from Austin, Texas repping Intrepid Parkour is the powerful Jarrod Luty battling a castaway kong gainer that he completes on his second try with an impressive stick.

Jarrod finished the Big Trick round with a score of 8.36 for his 2nd attempt.

Back to reclaim his throne is Max Antal with a competition world first double side flip precision to the IMAX wall. And then he did it again. And again. I screamed like a child.

Max finished the Big Trick round with a score of 9.42 for his 2nd attempt.

And last but not least is Ed Scott from Storm Freerun clearing the runway for a flawless Tsukahara full that he flashes before bailing a second attempt to clean it up.

Ed finished the Big Trick round with a score of 8.97 for his first attempt.

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes make NAPC history!

  1. Ed Scott Final Score: 8.97
  2. Max AntalFinal Score: 9.42
  3. Tyler Puterbaugh Final Score: 8.55
  4. Jarrod LutyFinal Score: 8.36
  5. Joshua Malone | Final Score: 8.29

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