NAPC 7 Women’s Speed Semi Final Recap

In the Semi Final Round for Women’s Speed 8 athletes must battle climb up after climb up as they make their way through the course as fast as possible to earn a spot in the finals.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First up representing Apex Movement we have Taylor Carpenter with a very well calculated run that sets a solid pace for the rest of the women to compete against.

Final Time: 28.72

Next representing HUB PTC we see Meghan Beatty working through a bit of resistance with topping out on the walls but overall still managing a very comfortable run.

Final Time: 32.92

Then representing Forge Parkour is Keziah Richards puts in hard work on this course making her way through similar climb up struggles and earning her way to the finish.

Final Time: 30.37

Up next we have MTI athlete Mikaila Quinn from Grand Junction, Colorado with a very confident run pushing her way a crucial few seconds ahead of the other competitors.

Final Time: 27.52

And then representing Unit 45 out of Montreal we have Tamila Ben with a beautiful starting dyno and superior climb up tech that makes her really stand out tonight.

Final Time: 25.44

Next from Seattle we have Juliette Marzio with a quick start and a solid run despite a few minor climb up hiccups putting her just behind Mikaila in the hunt for the finals.

Final Time: 27.87

Next straight outta Brazil we have Camila Stefaniu who flies through the course with some impressive climb ups and steezy tech putting her within a second of Tam’s time.

Final Time: 25.72

Finally we have veteran athlete Kasia Kilijanek using creativity and confident tech to work her way through the course with the fastest time of the night for the women.

Final Time: 24.51

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes make NAPC History!

  1. Kasia Kilijanek | Final Time: 24.51
  2. Tamila BenFinal Time: 25.44
  3. Camila StefaniuFinal Time: 25.72
  4. Mikaila QuinnFinal Time: 27.52
  5. Juliette MarzioFinal Time: 27.87
  6. Taylor Carpenter | Final Time: 28.72
  7. Keziah Richards | Final Time: 30.37
  8. Meghan Beatty | Final Time: 32.92

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