NAPC 7 Men’s Speed Quarter Final Recap

In the Quarter Final Round for Men’s Speed 22 athletes must traverse the high bars to make their way back, up and around the course as fast and efficient as they can.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First we have one of the Australian Parkour Twins Dylan Pawson smashing his way through the course with his patented plyos to finish him with a confident starting time.

Final Time: 17.24

Up next from Baltimore we have Frank Mejia who gets too hyped on a steezy safety pre to a rail that he misses a flag and has to backtrack while still maintaining a healthy time.

Final Time: 22.95

And then from Unparalleled Movement we have Jackson Heileson who sprints across the rails and continues to blast through the course with one of the most competent runs.

Final Time: 15.67

Next repping some Muv Mag swag is Bear Schneider who despite a minor slipup still manages to get a very comfortable run in without having to over rush himself.

Final Time: 18.64

Next we have the other Aussie twin Brodie Pawson who ran so fast they didn’t have time to finish his bio as he used his superior rail strides and comfort at height to dominate.

Final Time: 13.10

Then representing Unknown Parkour we have Jake Migliorato who starts off very strong but stumbles midway and comes out with a strong score despite a bit of an ankle thing.

Final Time: 17.65

Next up from Boulder, Colorado we have Michael Sliger who blasts through the rail plyos and sprints through the rest of the course as you would expect from an Apex athlete.

Final Time: 15.74

And then we have Mark Bowles from Indiana who takes an unexpected drop on the rails but recovers strong and make his way to a comfortable and clean finishing time.

Final Time: 17.10

Then representing Squadron we have Garett Eaves who blows by the course with a few very large jumps and very clean tech to land him with a comfortable time early on.

Final Time: 15.78

Next we have Ruben Corlan representing Empire Parkour who stumbles a bit on the start of the course but lands a few perfect plyos to get him flying across the finish line.

Final Time: 16.21

Then the speedy lad from Leeds David Nelmes battles through an ankle thing with confidence through the course with only one misstep landing him a solid time.

Final Time: 15.60

From North Philadelphia, born and raised comes Tavon McVey with a trail to blaze, hits the tac early, he had it had it in the bag or at least he woulda if he hadn’t missed that flag.

Final Time: 17.94

And then we have Elijah van der Vyver from Kansas City who starts off strong but struggles with a top out before finishing with a good time despite slipups.

Final Time: 19.65

Next from Sacramento, California we have Joseph Unruh who floats through the course like a flying squirrel before a slide finish with one of the most exciting runs of the night.

Final Time: 15.24

Then we have another Boulder speed demon Seth Wang who air bends his way across the bars with perfect technique setting a strong time to beat for the remaining athletes.

Final Time: 14.36

Next before his World Chase Tag debut we have Sidney Mohorovich who blazes through the rail plyos and makes up for some minor slipups with an impressive dive kong.

Final Time: 15.91

And then representing HUB PTC is Deyvid Garcia who strides across the high bars and covers lots of ground very quickly to edge him just ahead of the other competitors.

Final Time: 14.21

Next we have the Speedy Frenchie Charles Poujade with lightning speed coming across the top of the course with beautiful tech landing him right on the heels of Brodie’s time.

Final Time: 13.66

Then we have Colorado veteran Rob Schihl who starts off very strong but hits a bit of a snag with his feet and then has to bounce back a kong pre before getting home safe.

Final Time: 16.46

Next we have the “Yeah Boi” himself Davis Vasconcellos representing Unparalleled Movement who flies through the course so well despite competing with an injury.

Final Time: 14.02

Next is the owner of Swift Movement Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo who despite a slight slip up on the rail strides fights through his ankle injury to within a few milliseconds of Davis’s time.

Final Time: 14.026

Finally we have the champion Joseph Henderson flying over the rails without missing a step across the rest of the course as he comes within a fraction of a second of Brodie’s time.

Final Time: 13.54

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes make NAPC history!

  1. Brodie Pawson | Final Time: 13.10
  2. Joseph HendersonFinal Time: 13.54
  3. Charles PoujadeFinal Time: 13.66
  4. Davis VasconcellosFinal Time: 14.02
  5. Seth RujiraviriyapinyoFinal Time: 14.026
  6. Deyvid GarciaFinal Time: 14.21
  7. Seth WangFinal Time: 14.36
  8. Joseph UnruhFinal Time: 15.24
  9. David NelmesFinal Time: 15.60
  10. Jackson HeilesonFinal Time: 15.67
  11. Michael Sliger | Final Time: 15.74
  12. Garrett EavesFinal Time: 15.78
  13. Sidney MohorovichFinal Time: 15.91
  14. Ruben CorlanFinal Time: 16.21
  15. Rob SchihlFinal Time: 16.46
  16. Mark BowlesFinal Time: 17.10
  17. Dylan PawsonFinal Time: 17.24
  18. Jake MiglioratoFinal Time: 17.65
  19. Tavon McVeyFinal Time: 17.94
  20. Bear Schneider | Final Time: 18.64
  21. Elijah van der VyverFinal Time: 19.65
  22. Frank MejiaFinal Time: 22.95

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