NAPC 7 Event Recap

NAPC 7 was such a blast! This was my first year attending and I’m going to work to make it back every year that I can from now on. So what better way to ride the hype than to do a bunch of research on the history of the event? This is one part of what I’m hoping becomes an ever expanding Event Recap of the history of competition in our sport.

A special thanks to Rene Scavington, Tom Coppola, Dylan Polin and Vinny Fiacco for hosting the event and to Joey Adrian, Frosti and Brian Prince for engaging the audience. Shout out to Jeremiah Washington and Tyler Harder for working hard on the livestream. Thanks to all the judges and volunteers, camera crew and spectators – what a weekend.

If there’s anything I really want you to take away from this event, it’s that the future you want is achievable only if you go out and work hard for it to make it become reality. Tom and Res wanted to see a more serious competition format in parkour so they created it. The people on the courses with cameras put in the sweat equity to help craft the media narrative of the sport – these actions dictate how far our sport will go – so do the work. These series of articles took me 3 days and very little sleep to complete and I would do it all again because we need more avenues to showcase our athletes and our businesses.

So let me know how I can help and let’s get to work building a better tomorrow. But for now, let’s watch some Sport Parkour League’s Origins Parkour Pro! Click on any of the links below and you’ll be taken to an information page each event. You’ll see how it’s organized as you go. Always check the bottom of the pages and you’ll find your links.

Women’s Skill Quarter Final| Men’s Skill Quarter Final

Women’s Speed Quarter Final | Men’s Speed Quarter Final

Women’s Style Quarter Final | Men’s Style Quarter Final

Women’s Skill Semi Final | Men’s Skill Semi Final

Women’s Speed Semi Final | Men’s Speed Semi Final

Women’s Style Semi Final | Men’s Style Semi Final

Women’s Skill Final | Men’s Skill Final

Women’s Speed Final | Men’s Speed Final

Women’s Style Final | Men’s Style Final

Thanks so much for watching these athletes make NAPC history!

And thank you as always for reading right here on Parkour Entrepreneur.

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