NAPC 7 Men’s Style Quarter Final Recap

In the Quarter Final Round for Men’s Style 24 athletes must provide the judges with the smoothest and most well thought out line they can over the lower area of the gym.

So many thanks to Joey and Frosti because I don’t speak fluent freerunner. If you can translate these athletes runs better then please please please let me know and I’ll edit it.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First we have young Sessions Gym athlete Jayden Harris who starts with a back flip pre into a nice pimp flip before stomping a scoot dub full and hitting gaets and castbacks with ease.

Final Score: 6.14

And then we have Vancouver local Lucas Othmer who stomps a webster pre before some nice aerial work and some rail flow before his signature flash kick and a smooth finish to his run.

Final Score: 6.06

Next we have Somatic Movement athlete Kaden Harbaugh starting with a side pre down into a swing cast and a strong cart dub to finish with a castaway in an excellent run.

Final Score: 6.41

And then from Calgary, Alberta comes Davis Johnson who smashes a side pre to a wrap full into a full of a bar before ending with a strong scoot dub and lovely save at the end.

Final Score: 6.70

Then we have Alec Mann from New York starting with a gainer pre into a tight webster and a very rare pendulum before attempting a wall dub and fighting his way through the rest of his run.

Final Score: 4.1

Next we have our youngest competitor Aiden Richeson from Sessions Gym transition very well from a swing gainer to flyaway dub full and dub cork with a solid castback before he runs out of gas.

Final Score: 4.18

Then from Boston, MA we have James West repping Sandy Banana Gang starting with a gainer full to a laid out swing cast to a low castback into a triple full with a pop full out just because he can.


Final Score: 6.77

Up next from Portland we have Josh Miller starts with a side pre before flowing into an attempt at seat drop arabian regrab before knocking out a powerful cast and calling it quits.

Final Score: 4.18

Representing Unparalleled Movement we have Swing King Lincoln Powell starting with a side pre before improv giants on the bars into a lache pre to a bar and some creative flow before stomping a wrap full.

Final Score: 6.63

Next from Springfield, MA is Joshua Williams who punches a 360 diveroll before a nice wall full off the rail into some nice flow and subverting audience expectations toward the end.

Final Score: 6.38

Then Jarrod Luty repping Intrepid Parkour stomps a gainer pre to cart side into a wall flip and a low bar castback finishing with a solid swingcast for the highest score yet.

Final Score: 7.43

Next comes RIOT Parkour athlete Elias Sell who starts off with a nice roll into some flow before stumbling a bit before catching a gnarly shinner at the end of his run on an attempted full pre.

Final Score: 4.5

And representing KRU Parkour is Nathan Shrader who starts with a side pre into a nice scoot to cork down before a high inward side and a nice two step gainer off the low rails.

Final Score: 6.52

Next we have Daniel Grable repping Krete starting with an a twist pre before a nice 360 dive roll and some bar work before some tight acro and nonstop flow till the end for a strong score.

Final Score: 7.44

Then a man on a mission, Storm’s Ed Scott from Exmouth comes with a cork pre to a reverse into a wall flip and a smooth cart to side right into a toeshoot front to finish strong in the lead. Wow.

Final Score: 8.0

Next from repping Witness This we have Sam Weisman who nails a side pre into a back dub full before a low gaet and gets right up from a bailed double side flip to stop a swingcast full.

Final Score: 4.39

Representing Swift Movement is Ethan Guzman banging out a diving 360 bar catch to a nice inward regrab and some low fulls and hang casts before stomping a creative gaet to finish.

Final Score: 5.22

Next up is Michael Franko who stomps a gainer pre and flows into a wrap full before hitting a low double flyaway in a sketch area and making his way to a lache to a snappy splatback.

Final Score: 6.13

Then we have Freedom In Motion athlete Josh Malone who stomps a twist pre to a pop dub before flowing his around and 360ing his way around with a memorable monkey hoot. I can’t describe how Josh moves I love just him for it.

Final Score: 7.40

Next up we have Elijah Wright from Portland smashes a side pre to full out and heads to the bars for a nice spin to swingcast before hitting a few gaets and low castbacks for good measure.

Final Score: 4.45

Then the man Sean Higgins from Denver, Colorado slams out an a twist pre to a bailed dub a twist out up to a powerful castback and flowing his way to a nice gaet in a tight spot before stomping a stalled swingcast.

Final Score: 4.1

To the roar of the crowd comes lightly injured NAPC veteran Nathan Weston with a smooth side pre to a rail right into a solid cork and some tight acro before stomping a swingcast half in an absolutely beautiful run.

Final Score: 7.95

Next comes fellow podium athlete Tyler Puterbaugh who starts off with a gainer pre before a great backflip swing backflip and a really clever gaet setup and some joyous bar regrab work to a swingcast.

Final Score: 7.98

Last comes reigning champ Max Antal representing Forge Parkour hyping up for a webster to dub a twist over to a cork pre and powerful double flyaway with a healthy level of stoke for the highest score of the night.

Final Score: 8.15

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes making NAPC history!

  1. Max AntalFinal Score: 8.15
  2. Ed Scott Final Score: 8.0
  3. Tyler Puterbaugh Final Score: 7.98
  4. Nathan WestonFinal Score: 7.95
  5. Daniel GrableFinal Score: 7.44
  6. Jarrod LutyFinal Score: 7.43
  7. Joshua Malone | Final Score: 7.40
  8. James WestFinal Score: 6.77
  9. Davis JohnsonFinal Score: 6.70
  10. Lincoln Powell Final Score: 6.63
  11. Nathan ShraderFinal Score: 6.52
  12. Kaden Harbaugh  | Final Score: 6.41
  13. Joshua WilliamsFinal Score: 6.38
  14. Jayden HarrisFinal Score: 6.14
  15. Michael FrankoFinal Score: 6.13
  16. Lucas OthmerFinal Score: 6.06
  17. Ethan GuzmanFinal Score: 5.22
  18. Elias SellFinal Score: 4.50
  19. Elijah WrightFinal Score: 4.45
  20. Sam WeismanFinal Score: 4.39
  21. Josh MillerFinal Score: 4.18
  22. Aiden RichesonFinal Score: 4.18
  23. Sean HigginsFinal Score: 4.10
  24. Alec MannFinal Score: 4.10

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