Since August of 2020 we began hosting public parkour jams again in Los Angeles. And while I started filming vlogs not long after, I didn’t start paying an editor (Cody Winter) until February of 2021.

Every week our group trains somewhere within LA County besides special trips to places like San Diego and Riverside. Though myself and many of the athletes have been training over a decade, we like to welcome athletes of all skill levels to come out and jam with us. More details on our Instagram pages.

I have gone ahead and started a playlist of the Jam videos that I’ve filmed but I hope to update this page more frequently with content from all of the athletes that are attending these events with us.

We’ve been hosting events for almost a year straight to promote community during these tough times

A major reason I made such a push for public jams again was because we lost a member of our community (Christian Storm) to suicide in January of 2020. I myself know too well how important to one’s mental health it is to regularly spend time with friends challenging one another to stay focused and happy.

Those members of our community that did not feel safe training publicly during COVID-19 stayed at home, and those of us that did wore masks when entering public spaces as was required by everyone. Now that restrictions are being lifted we hope to slowly expand our numbers and the spaces we visit.

It is our hope that we can continue the momentum of our jams to get public parks built across Southern California so that future generations of athletes won’t have to worry about whether or not they have a safe place to train with access to community regardless of the neighborhood they live in, the money for a gym membership or the distance they have to travel to get to a session.

This page will be used to highlight the achievements of the athletes that attend these jams and if you would like to train with us, please don’t hesitate to visit one of our jams as soon as you are able to.

If you have any questions about where this week’s jam is you can message us on Instagram @