NAPC 7 Women’s Style Final Recap

In the Final Round for Women’s Style 5 athletes have 3 attempts to score as many points as possible on their most creative and powerful Big Trick.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First up is Elise Bickley from Sheffield, United Kingdom. She stomps an impressive roll bomb on her 2nd attempt and sends a low flyaway double full but can’t quite stick it.

Elise finished the Big Trick round with a 7.27 for her 2nd attempt.

Next up is Hanaho Yamamoto from Japan for her first Finals appearance. Hanaho spent 2 attempts cleaning up a low cast back before walking away to flash a flyaway half.

Hanaho finished the Big Trick round with a score of 6.43 for her 3rd attempt.

Representing Brazil with unquestionable steeze is Camila Stefaniu with the most technical move – a wide grip cat leap to dyno with a inward side for good measure.

Camila finished the Big Trick round with a 6.25 for her 2nd attempt.

Straight outta Holland, Noa Diorgina takes her time prepping the bars for one of the cleanest double flyaways on hard ground that I’ve seen in competition history.

Noa finished the Big Trick round with a 7.26 for her 1st and only attempt.

Representing Tempest Freerunning is Sydney Olson back to secure her place as champion once again with a lovely Tsukahara after over rotating her first attempt.

Sydney finished the Big Trick round with a score of 7.66 for her 2nd attempt.

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes making NAPC history!

  1. Sydney Olson | Final Score: 7.66
  2. Noa Diorgina | Final Score: 7.26
  3. Camila Stefaniu | Final Score: 6.25
  4. Elise Bickley | Final Score: 7.27
  5. Hanaho YamamotoFinal Score: 6.43

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