NAPC 7 Men’s Style Semi Final Recap

In the Semi Final Round for Men’s Style 10 athletes must provide the judges with the most creative and challenging lines they can in a battle for a spot in the Big Trick round.

So many thanks to Joey and Frosti because I don’t speak fluent freerunner. If you can translate these athletes runs better then please please please let me know and I’ll edit it.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First up representing Unparalleled Movement is Lincoln Powell with a beautiful kong to underbar into a diving cart over a wall before hitting the out of bounds area and coming just short on a scoot dub.

Final Score: 6.07

Next we have Calgary athlete Davis Johnson starts with a wall full of the rail down into a touchdown a twist over to a 180 stride to wrap full into a gainer before ending with a strong scoot dub and cheer from the crowd.

Final Score: 7.65

Then comes Sandy Banana Gang member James West starting with a low cast off the bar before setting for a swing cast off the bar and walks to a big side flip and a castback ending with a touchdown to a double cork and a back full out.

Final Score: 6.93

Then we have Daniel Grable repping Krete with a palm spin into a palm side and a 360 underbar with some nice connections before a nice webster and can’t quite land the b twist the way he wants it but a great overall run.

Final Score: 5.42

Representing Freedom In Motion is Josh Malone who starts off with a webster to wall down monkey into a 360 underbar and going right to a touchdown dub thing? and stomping a tac dub full. I have no idea if I got any of that right but it was beautiful.

Final Score: 7.86

Next we have Intrepid Parkour athlete Jarrod Luty fly into a 180 tac back to rail plyo to kong underbar into a pingback handspring before a massive diving kong gainer into a pop cast and a 360 back handspring with a really powerful run.

Final Score: 8.15

Representing Unparalleled Movement is former champ Nathan Weston stepping into a wall back hand spring off his tac before a nice gaet and a flyaway precision right into a webster before a punch front and dodging a wall on his final scoot dub for a good run while fighting his injury.

Final Score: 7.15

Next up from Portland we have Tyler Puterbaugh starting off with a tight wall full and some nice underbars into a sideflip all the way down to a kong front over and flowing over to finishing off with another wall full.

Final Score: 7.65

But then calm, collected Ed Scott comes with a vengeance banging out a flawless run starting with a high tac palm flip before a high gaet flip off the bar cage with a creative giant set before making a mad dash for the fat side flip pre to side out and absolutely smashing his final double cork to the roar of the crowd.

Final Score: 8.85

Finally summoned by the roar of the crowd comes reigning champ Max Antal who starts us off with a step vault to swing gainer over the bar cage and flows to a creative step vault before stomping out a triple a twist, making sure to let the judges know how many spins he did.

Final Score: 7.78

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes making NAPC history!

  1. Ed Scott Final Score: 8.85
  2. Jarrod LutyFinal Score: 8.15
  3. Joshua Malone | Final Score: 7.86
  4. Max AntalFinal Score: 7.78
  5. Tyler Puterbaugh Final Score: 7.65
  6. Davis JohnsonFinal Score: 7.65
  7. Nathan WestonFinal Score: 7.15
  8. James WestFinal Score: 6.93
  9. Lincoln Powell Final Score: 6.07
  10. Daniel GrableFinal Score: 5.42

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