NAPC 7 Women’s Speed Final Recap

In the Final Round for Women’s Speed 5 athletes must climb their way to the top before going around the foam pit and the rest of the gym as fast as they possibly can.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First up we have Move To Inspire athlete Mikaila Quinn with a solid run fighting through a bit of discomfort at height with the bars and the starting pillar top out.

Final Time: 25.25

Next we have Tamila Ben from Montreal playing it a bit safe with the lower route but still coming out with one of the most confident and controlled runs of the night.

Final Time: 24.38

Then we have Juliette Marzio making her own unique way through the course with one of the fastest and most confident times of the night for the women.

Final Time: 23.72

And straight from Brazil we have Camila Stefaniu with the fastest time of the night thanks to her confidence and technical ability. (Livestream had technical difficulties)

Final Time: 19.40

Finally we have Kasia Kilijanek who falls at first from the tower top out and then decides to complete the course with a smile on her face playing it safe.

Final Time: 34.93

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes make NAPC History!


  1. Camila Stefaniu | Final Time: 19.40
  2. Juliette Marzio | Final Time: 23.72
  3. Tamila Ben | Final Time: 24.38
  4. Mikaila Quinn | Final Time: 25.25
  5. Kasia Kilijanek | Final Time: 34.93

Make sure to check out the rest of NAPC 7 right here on Parkour Entrepreneur.

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