NAPC 7 Women’s Speed Quarter Final Recap

In the Quarter Final Round for Women’s Speed 15 athletes must navigate the high bars to make their way back, up and around the course as fast and efficient as they can.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First up from Japan is Hanaho Yamamoto with a decent run to start us off with only a few stumbles despite a livestream that just can’t seem to keep up with her.

Final Time: 24.73

Next up from Move To Inspire we have Mikaila Quinn with a very comfortable run despite kicking out one of the flags she still is able to shave a second off the last run.

Final Time: 23.84

Next up we have Sofia Ward representing HUB PTC who decides to take the high route and then takes her time making her way through the course with a smile on her face.

Final Time: 48.69

And then the Vancouver local Louisa Chang fresh off the Skills course taking the low route and stumbling a bit with a flag before making short work of the course.

Final Time: 27.98

Then also representing HUB PTC is Meghan Beatty places a very competent run showing some creative approaches to the course that we haven’t seen used by other athletes.

Final Time: 24.40

Next up representing Apex Movement we have Taylor Carpenter who stumbles a bit at the start but still places a very respectable run despite wanting to push a bit more.

Final Time: 24.51

Then from New York, New York we have Emily Tung who paces herself through the difficult parts of the course seemingly focusing on technique more than speed.

Final Time: 32.56

And then we have Andrea Lam from Vancouver with a very confident run despite a slight slowdown on the climbup she rushes through the course for a solid time.

Final Time: 24.86

Up next we have Keziah Richards representing Forge Parkour in Portland with a very strong run managing to stay smooth and controlled and she rolls across the finish.

Final Time: 24.32

And then all the way from Holland we have Noa Diorgina, our youngest female competitor who stumbles a bit on the back area but finishes strong close to the pack.

Final Time: 24.90

Followed by Tara Meier from Boulder, Colorado who paces herself through the course but despite completing the course very smoothly she missed a flag and was disqualified.

Final Time: DQ

And up next is Juliette Marzio from Seattle with one of the most confident runs from the women, smashing enough of the largest jumps to come out ahead of most competitors.

Final Time: 23.26

Next we have Denver native Kasia Kilijanek showing comfort at height and well prepped movement can make a huge difference in a speed run nabbing her the top time so far.

Final Time: 22.26

And then all the way from Brazil we have Camila Stefaniu who keeps calm despite minor slipups and uses superior tech to cut time at the end of her run to land just behind Kasia.

Final Time: 22.39

Finally representing Unit 45 from Montreal we have Tamila Ben with a very clean run choosing to focus on technique over speed and finishing the run without any issues.

Final Time: 23.40

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes make NAPC history!

  1. Kasia Kilijanek | Final Time: 22.26
  2. Camila StefaniuFinal Time: 22.39
  3. Juliette MarzioFinal Time: 23.26
  4. Tamila BenFinal Time: 23.40
  5. Mikaila QuinnFinal Time: 23.84
  6. Keziah Richards | Final Time: 24.32
  7. Meghan Beatty | Final Time: 24.40
  8. Taylor Carpenter | Final Time: 24.51
  9. Hanaho YamamotoFinal Time: 24.73
  10. Andrea Lam | Final Time: 24.86
  11. Noa Diorgina | Final Time: 24.90
  12. Louisa Chang | Final Time: 27.98
  13. Emily Tung| Final Time: 32.56
  14. Sofia WardFinal Time: 48.69
  15. Tara MeierFinal Time: DQ

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