NAPC 7 Women’s Style Quarter Final Recap

In the Quarter Final Round for Women’s Style 13 athletes must provide the judges with the smoothest and most well thought out line they can over the lower area of the gym.

So many thanks to Joey and Frosti because I don’t speak fluent freerunner. If you can translate these athletes runs better then please please please let me know and I’ll edit it.

Let me know which other events I should mine the interwebs for! But for now, let’s get down to watching and talking shop about Sport Parkour League’s Origin Parkour Pro.

First up from Japan we have Hanaho Yamamoto starts with a cork and a little rail flow before hitting a swing cast and some vault movements into a flyaway and flowing her way through the course.

Final Score: 5.87

Next repping Storror clothes we have Camila Stefaniu with a beautiful running pre into a sideflip to a polecat and flyaway with a webster before palm spinning and a twisting out.

Final Score: 6.08

And then comes first time competitor Celine Wykowski who starts off with a big dive roll and then hits a cart wheel and some flow before stomping out a confident back flip.

Final Score: 5.01

Up next from Seattle we have Cordelia Storm starts off with an a twist but can’t quite pull it around before hitting a webster and a few aerials just before another finishing webster.

Final Score: 4.08

And then all the way from LA we have Sara Mudallal starting off with clean side flips and back flips before palm spinning her way to a quick and concise finish to her run.

Final Score: 4.51

Next up Mikaila Quinn from Grand Junction starts with a strong aerial and a twist before nailing a large drop pre with another aerial in tight corners for a solid first run.

Final Score: 5.3

And then our youngest female athlete Noa Diorgina steps up with a webster pre to a solid gainer into a wrap full with a coffee grinder and some rail flow with a flyaway to end it.

Final Score: 6.45

Next up representing Unit 45 is Tamila Ben who starts with a solid lache to bounce back with some fancy rail flow into some lovely technical movements and a gargoyle cat leap for a strong run.

Final Score: 6.02

And then from Hong Kong Angela Lai starts with a precision to a dive roll and some rail flow before toe shooting into a nice tumble pass and a webster roll out to finish.

Final Score: 4.15

After her is Emily Tung coming from New York, New York showcasing her versatility with her poledance and b-girl skills alongside dive rolls, websters and flyaways.

Final Score: 4.32

Next up is Jemini Powell from Atlanta, Georgia displaying her impressive walkovers with a hang gainer and a castback for a very smooth run with some high difficulty in it.

Final Score: 5.16

And then we have Elise Bickley all the way from the UK who starts off with a side pre into a cork and a gaet flip before hitting some rail flow into a reverse flyaway for a solid run.

Final Score: 6.89

Finally representing Tempest Freerunning we have Sydney Olson who bangs out of a gainer pre into a tight back full then a big castaway and a confident A twist out to end.

Final Score: 7.46

Thanks so much for watching these hard working athletes making NAPC history!

  1. Sydney Olson | Final Score: 7.46
  2. Elise Bickley | Final Score: 6.89
  3. Noa Diorgina | Final Score: 6.45
  4. Camila Stefaniu | Final Score: 6.08
  5. Tamila BenFinal Score: 6.02
  6. Hanaho YamamotoFinal Score: 5.87
  7. Mikaila QuinnFinal Score: 5.3
  8. Jemini Powell Final Score: 5.16
  9. Celine Wykowski | Final Score: 5.01
  10. Sara MudallalFinal Score: 4.51
  11. Emily TungFinal Score: 4.32
  12. Angela LaiFinal Score: 4.15
  13. Cordelia StormFinal Score: 4.08

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