We at Parkour Entrepreneur are very proud to announce our first Affiliate Relationship with ParkourEDU, one of the industry’s leading providers of Online Parkour Education.

Their Mission: “To empower the international parkour, freerunning, and art du déplacement community by bringing awareness to sustainable training methods, developing the highest quality of coaching, and promoting safe educational facilities.”

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For years, Ryan Ford and Amos Rendao have helped the Colorado community thrive with the APEX School of Movement, but with the help of Brandon Douglass they have begun to expand further on the interwebs as well with ParkourEDU and all its various courses.

You may have also read Ryan’s book, Parkour Strength Training, or seen the accompanying YouTube playlists that go along with it. If you haven’t already then reading it is an excellent start before or alongside diving into the ParkourEDU courses.

Whether it’s running the APEX International or opening gyms all over the United States, APEX is one of the biggest names in the grassroots companies of the sport. They’ve made their claim through dedication to their community and a solid business track record.

We definitely recommend the Parkour 100 Series to anyone from newcomer to more seasoned athlete looking to round out some of their weaknesses. The Get Up/Get Down Bundle gets a little more specialized with Climb Ups and safe Falling Techniques.

You can click on this link to select from any of their courses and use the Affiliate Code “PE15” for 15% Off your purchase of any of these classes. The Bundles are definitely the best value but take your time looking through each course for what you need most.

Again thank you so much for supporting what we’re working on here at Parkour Entrepreneur. We hope to grow our understanding of marketing analytics and lead generation to help Parkour businesses and brands all over the world thrive one day.

What other classes and resources would you like to see ParkourEDU create next?

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