Gnarliest Flip Pres

If you’ve been doing parkour long enough you probably remember a time before flip precisions. But nowadays if you can’t side flip to a rail you’re slacking a little bit. The athletes in this post have consistently set the bar for the flip pre game and these are just a few of their most intense challenges. If you want to make sure your flip tech is on point check out our offer at the end of the article. Enjoy these insane challenges!


Travis is by far one of the most competent athletes out there today. It seems like every week he’s gracing us with another mental masterpiece and this cork pre is no exception.

Deyvid Wolf banging out an impressive front pre at theclassic Battery Park spot in Manhattan. One of the Venture Co’s finest athletes, you never know what to expect from him.

We’re still bugging out about Elise’s AirWipp run but here’s another challenge she’s been working on. She may be small but she makes this challenge look colossal in comparison.

Jaydn Clark is one of those names that always seems to come up with flip pres. Known for sending several bangers a session this man doesn’t sweat his technique.

Max Antal is quickly becoming a legend thanks to his performance in recent NAPCs. With precision and technique like this it’s no surprise why.

Ed Scott is another athlete whose name has become synonymous with competition lately. One of the newest members of Storm, he’s wasted no time at all showing what he’s made of.

Let’s be honest. It’s not a flip pre list without mentioning Nate Weston. These are a few of the challenges he’s most proud of as of late. Which is your favorite?

Most of athletes in this article wouldn’t be where they are today if not for the mythical creature that is Shade. This gainer pre reminds us he is still pushing his limits to this day.

Known to be the life of any party (even if it’s not a party) Dom makes his way onto the list doing what we love him for most – rotating forward.

Max Barker may be the catalyst that caused everyone to work on flip pres to rails. He’s always on the lookout for challenges most others walk away from.

Thanks so much for reading! These list based articles are such a fun way to showcase the athletes in our community that inspire us all to work a little harder. If you want to improve your confidence with flips head on over to our ParkourEDU page for a discount that’ll have you flipping faster and more precisely than this article. Let us know what list you want to see next! Who did we miss this time around?

* Featured image screencapped from The Motus Projects Resurgence video

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