Craziest Kong Pres

Not all Kong challenges are created equal, but these are some of the gnarliest we’ve seen done in a while. Some are a little old, some sorta new, but they all make us wanna tie our shoes a little tighter and work on our run ups and chest placement. If you want a little help with your Kong technique you can check out our offer after watching these clips.

Arthur Franks is the latest athlete to brave the dreaded IMAX Kong Pre. He even passes the customary “Fuck you” message on to Dominic Di Tommaso.

The Albanian Prince of Backward Precisions with a savage Kong 180 Pre in Santo Domingo. But of course it ain’t an Easy E clip without a Backward Drop Rail Pre.

Maybe it’s just the angle of the GoPro, but Toby Segar smashes this Pull Kong Pre like it’s nothing. Behind or in front of the camera this Storror is a savage athlete.

This one from Jadyn Clark is honestly just good fun. Can’t say we’ve ever seen a Kong to Trapeze before but Jadyn is bringing a little circus to the list with this one.

Dom Tomato may be known for his Front Flips but the Farang athlete has been changing the game in general lately and smashing fat challenges like this Kong Pre all year.

I know, we had to double take to make sure this wasn’t Ernest again too. Shifer Antonio with a challenge that makes our… palms sweat. He makes it look almost comfortable.

One of the sketchiest challenges ever done at APEX, Seth Ruji broke the challenge first but Tim Champion made it look easy, pretty standard annual SPL British Invasion.

Phosky the King of Flow with a classic Kong Pre for an Etre-Fort shoot in Lisses. Something about the way he moves always makes it look easier than it is.

It’s not really a complete list without an Endijs Miscenko clip, we had to sift through lots of Toe Shoot clips but it was worth it to find this mindbending challenge he did.

Another Storror clip to end the List, if you watch Benj’s post of the clip the Kong Pre isn’t even the part that gives him trouble, he just smashes it like it’s nothing at all.

And that’s all for this List, folks! Thanks so much for checking out our first post of this kind. Let us know what you liked about it or what you want to see more of. Who else should we feature next time we list Kongs? What other lists do you want in general?

And if this list got you all jazzed up to go work on your technique and you need a little help doing so make sure to check out our deal with ParkourEDU and see if their Parkour 100 Series can help you refine your tech on your way to smashing next level challenges.

*Featured image shot/edited by Joe Gilberg – Movement by Gavin Donlan

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