How To Run A Facebook Ad

Every generation of marketing has its golden goose, one definitive way to get the best bang for your buck. Once upon a time it was adding your number to the phone book or starting your own website, and until very recently it was Google Ad words all the way. But now there is another marketing tool that’s so cheap to convert leads that you’d be crazy not to use it – and you’re already seeing it at work every day you check your phone. This article will help walk you through how to run your first targeted Facebook ad directly from your phone. Read to the end to see data from a recent ad I ran online.

If you use either Facebook or Instagram (it’s probably how you got to this article in the first place) then you’ve definitely seen one of these ads at work. Some are just a simple photo with a call to action to “See more” or check the link to the company’s website or store. But the really successful ones are carefully curated to make you click on the advert, and the most successful ones nowadays are videos. This varies from platform to platform and product to product, for example clothing still does particularly well with Instagram photo ads in but online courses are more successful with short video ads on Facebook.

This is the most important part of the ad, the copy of media itself, but we’ll get to that a little later on. First let’s focus on how you even create a Facebook ad in the first place. If you already run a Facebook page then you’ve also seen it give you the option to Promote or Boost one of your posts, this is one way you can create an ad directly from your existing content. However you can also go to your page itself and click on the Promote button to get started.

Next it will take you to what we’ll call the “Call To Action” page. This is where Facebook wants to know what is the goal of the advertisement you’re placing. Each has a very different goal and cost in mind and the best way to figure out which works for your business is honestly just to try each for yourself and measure the data accordingly. If you have a video designed to promote an upcoming event obviously boosting that post may be your best option. Or maybe you’ve finally finished your website and want to show it off to your consumer base. There is no wrong Call To Action, they just influence consumer behavior in different ways with different costs.

For this example let’s use the Promote Your Page option because it’s always good to get more likes for your Facebook page early on in your business. That will take you to a page with a lot of information on it so we’ll break it down step by step. When you click initially it will show you the ad preview for a moment and then immediately scroll down to the Audience tab. That’s where Facebook wants you to focus first so we’ll start there as well.

If you’ve never created a Facebook ad before it will look like this and we’ll have to create an audience from scratch. The age and gender spectrums are both fairly self explanatory so we’ll focus on the area part. Depending on your business you either want to target a Region or the area around your Business address itself. This impacts the effect and cost of the ad you are going to run. If you are a physical location like a gym then you want the Address option but if you are selling an online product Region may be your best bet. As with any of this you need to run more than one Facebook ad to know what works best for your business so test each separately to see what works for you.

It will auto select your country of business as the target audience but you can be more selective by city or state as well depending on who you are trying to reach with the ad. The more specific the audience, the more it will impact how many people it reaches for the cost you choose per day. Rather than selecting one broad category like United States you may want to create separate ads for each of the cities or towns you are looking to advertise to so that you can get analytics on how each separate area is doing. No point in spending money on a giant net when you only need a fishing rod. Know what I mean?

Your real best bet is to get super focused by area. If your business is in Denver then make separate ads that target each small town in Denver county and pay attention to how well the ads do in each town. Mix up the photo and writing copy a bit to see what works and what doesn’t. There is no exact science because every business is different but the ads will work if you listen to your audience. And once you’ve run an ad with an audience you can target that same audience again in future ads as well.

Here’s the part you’re all dreading – how much is this gonna cost me? Well that’s the fun part, you decide how much you want to spend and how long you want the ad to run. More money and time means more data to use against the next time you run an ad. But maybe you want to spend more money on a shorter period of time to promote a limited product or event. In general I wouldn’t go much lower than $5 a day because if Facebook is telling you to do a certain behavior it’s usually because they want you to do it for their algorithm. And that’s pretty much all there is to it! You input your payment method and give it a whirl to see some results.

And now to see some of those results!

So when you Boost a Post it will show you your engagement via that orange bar underneath Likes, Comments and Shares. The paler orange is organic (unpaid) reach and the darker is how many people Facebook showed your ad to after you ponied up the dough. Again the darker color makes it pretty clear which behavior Facebook is incentivizing here. This was my “free” promotion that Facebook will give you early on in your Page history. So choose a relevant piece of content or an upcoming event and try it out!

For $10 I reached almost 2,000 people in my chosen region of The United States and for that money I received 10 Link Clicks which was my chosen Call To Action because I wanted people to read my article. Now $1 a click is considerably cheaper than you’ll get with Google Ads or more traditional marketing methods so if you’re not allocating even a small budget to Facebook Ads I would seriously consider it for the growth of your business profile online.

These stats aren’t the most impressive in the world but again this was my free promotion which I ran for one week. Imagine the type of results you’d see spending just $100 a month on Targeted Ads. Your content would be seen by over 20,000 people in an audience you chose and you’d have at least 100 clicks on your article or online class or clothing store (Prices and efficacy of ads varies from each Call To Action don’t forget). Below you’ll see it also gives you the option to see the breakdown by gender, age and location. These results are all affected by that target audience you made earlier on in this post.

And that’s all there is to it! I’m not a marketing guru but I can tell you $1 a click is too good an opportunity to pass up. Because once more big businesses start utilizing Facebook Ads it won’t stay $10 to reach 2,000 people. It will get dramatically more expensive to reach less people less effectively than before. Because that’s how marketing works, it works until everyone breaks it from overuse.

Thanks so much for reading! I would love to hear some feedback on your experience with Facebook Ads and how well they’ve worked for your business. I would be more than happy to talk shop about what works and what doesn’t so don’t hesitate to reach out to me about it. I hope this was helpful in getting you to take your first step toward growing your business on Facebook. Take calculated risks and reap benefits.

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